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Grey Purse Michael Kors 

In the trend of changing fashion circles, what is low-key? If only to understand it as “minimalist”, it seems too thin. Real low-key is actually self-styled style, do not move at any time, not to the world easy, without deliberate publicity is memorable. As in 1937 founded in Milan, Italy luxury leather brand Valextra – handbags do not have any bright signs, but still by virtue of the extraordinary touch of color and simple and smooth lines stand out, it is a sight. Because of this low-key do to send, Valextra has always been the upper class celebrities in Europe well-known “secret” and good taste symbol.

In the bag to buy the advanced stage of you, would also like to have a low-key but “out of color” handbag? May wish to first look at why Valextra why can conquer Princess Grace, Jacqueline – Kennedy and other style muse, as their ultimate secret handbags?

Valextra people who know, open the leather, the first to see is a bunch of gold foil figures. With this unique code, you can trace the product from which craftsmen hand, or even the initial use of leather all the details. Future maintenance will be given priority to the original craftsmen.

Behind this unique number is Valextra’s demanding craftsmanship. Adhere to ingenuity, skilled artisans are Valextra’s soul. Every detail of the polished are devoted to infinite ingenuity, any join the production team of new members, are required by the skilled craftsmen skilled guidance for many years before the division can be an independent production of leather goods.

The exquisite simplicity of the Costa ink is one of the flagship details of Valextra. For the pruning of the edge of the leather hand-polished, followed by the use of Valextra exclusive deployment of ink, in each edge carefully painted three layers of “Costa” paint – the whole process needs to concentrate, every one is cautious. Only the most outstanding craftsmen can create such a classic elegant and modern appearance of the effect.

Leather is the most proud of Valextra. Valextra selection from the Italian Tuscany and the southwest of France’s top calfskin. Regardless of handbags, or small pieces of leather goods, are used and Baoshen the same external leather lining. The exclusive leather treatment process ensures that Valextra is still able to show excellent texture and gloss after years of use – this is the “secret” that only Valextra owners know.

At first Valextra will be attracted by its unique design style, the lines of skilled processing and the rich use of color, so that it is no longer limited to the field of handbags, and has become a classic art. In fact, Valextra designed for short-distance travel and design 24 Hour Bag, as early as 1954 will be the highest honor in Italy gold compass design award, and by the New York MOMA Museum of Modern Art included as a permanent collection. So outstanding appearance is not the general design concept can be achieved, but from the brand innate DNA – architectural aesthetics.

Michael Kors Bags For Women 

2016 autumn and winter series in a highly sought after, with Miu Miu classic elements of the michael kors black handbag, in fact, as early as the spring and summer 2015 series can be seen in its shadow, and now this package only to “MIUlady” named.

MIUlady handbags use top madras leather and soft calfskin, and broke the traditional color and use eclectic bright colors with. Common in the belt on the large brass buckle was placed on the package body classic clamshell, the Baroque and Western style which blend, and handmade inlaid on the buckle above the gorgeous gem more hand lace.

This eclectic michael kors new bags on the traditional design aesthetics of the conservative and rebellious new interpretation, showing the young women are large and fearless spirit of independence, they love bright colors with a variety of materials mix and match, on the handbag gorgeous jewelry It is a soft spot. They are wild and uninhibited, unique to the clothing, have the freedom to love the soul of fashion, but also from the rest of the world blend of modern and retro style of the design respected plus.

Michael kors bag black, as always, uphold the style and function of both historical and modern coexistence of the concept. The respect for the spirit of the traditional craftsmen and the precious materials of the treasure, are melted into the Miu Miu brand genes, but also highlights the brand unique rebellious female characteristics.