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Good taste to carry small patrons package

Buy package to buy enough, eat soil eat non-stop! And save money to buy someone else has been carrying a large number of packages for six months, might as well spend a little money to be a fashionable ghost, anyway, is to catch up with others to buy the classic speed, why not let yourself walk in front of others? Quickly let the editor recommend you several small and fine can also highlight the taste of small minority package it!

But the speed of waiting for the small crowd you have to fast point, because many stars have found that these can make themselves more noble package!

NO.1 Simon Miller

Not long ago to participate in the activities of the United Nations Women’s Department of Miss Ai was sharp-eyed editor found her carrying a small bucket bag, white suit with the ring bag, with the nature is not casual, inadvertently highlighted their own good taste!

NO.2 Staud

Recently, the highly fashionable French fashion blogger Jeanne Damas during the Fashion Week has been carrying a simple design of the basket basket bucket went to the major show, this handbag Miss Alexa Chung also have to carry out the street, both are walking Simple quality line of the network red bloggers at the same time favored bag from where? The

NO.3 Salar

This is a small crowd of light from the appearance of the full view of the girl heart, tender pink and blue paint color design and soft, before the INS has been fired on the sky turned.

NO.4 Gabriela Hearst

This is just a memorable packet is actually a few years before the rise of the minority designer brand, designer Gabriela Hearst is a girl growing up in Uruguay, before the model has been done. And later married to the United States before the richest man WilliamRandolph Hearst’s grandson, moved to Manhattan. Where she was inspired by herself and began to design her own brand. Her style has always been a simple way to wear, Gabriela Hearst in the previous interview also talked about their love for the fabric and design, she said she liked the soft things, especially with the female body fit together, And in such a mentality is not difficult to understand Nina package round bill “body” and design inspiration it!

NO.5 Cult Gaia

Like the straw bag sister do not let this bag! From the Los Angeles bag brand Cult Gaia launched bamboo basket design is very special, semi-circular outsourcing like the Japanese sister will carry the lunch bag, but Baoshen regular gap design and unique artistic sense, temperament did not Lose any big bag!

So there is a new bag is also naturally star star favorite, retro inspired bamboo basket fresh and simple, with any single product are very harmonious!