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Royal situation: MK New York fashion to go to the Greek Princess a new height

Recently, the Greek Olympia Princess and Beyonce sister Solange Knowles, South Korea model Soo Joo Park and supermodel Nina Agdal joined Michael Kors New York street walking activities, I saw Olympia back wine red Brooklyn saddle bag, a show of fashion, Really debut is long enough experience, but for the cultivation of early mother, Xiao Nizi will not play so well fashion it.

Michael Kors 2016 Fall Advertisement

Photographer Mario Testino 2016 Michael Kors Fall series of advertising videos, with a unique personal style as the theme, publicity fashion style.

In the Michael Kors 2016 series of commercials, supermodel Freja Beha Erichsen sitting in a luxury antique car on the back seat of the shooting. The film will be a perfect show of the details, including chain jewelry, feathers, oversized fur and other elements, highlighting this fall series in the fabric texture and design of bold innovation.

MICHAEL MichaelKors 2016 Fall Films Select to return to New York, inside a helicopter over Manhattan, photographer Testino captures Emmy Rappe, Romy Schonberger and Sven de Vries and other models of the amazing moment, to reproduce the last century 70’s “jet set “This unique way of life, while the perfect presentation of the fall series of luxurious material and charming profile.

Small Pink Michael Kors Bag 

In view of the sharp slowdown in fourth-quarter growth, Chief Executive Officer Kevin Plank said the future will move closer to the fashion industry, he pointed out that the current Under Armor products are mainly functional to the main, recognition of the product in the design is also lack of fashion.

Under Armor worked with designer Tim Coppens to create a temporary sportswear series UAS, but sales were not satisfactory. Kevin Plank stressed that Under Armor fashion sense of the upgrade will be a very important breakthrough point.

Under Armor was founded in 1996, initially focused on football players wearing sweat dress, product gene is functional, until now most of its products are still functional, and sportswear is becoming a casual match with the trend does not match. Chen Grazutis, an analyst at Bloomberg, argues that while people love to wear Under Armor’s hygroscopic sweater, they do not wear it while walking. When the market moves from functional to fashion, Under Armor It fell into a passive situation.

Michael Kors Bags And Wallets 

Hong Kong fashion tycoon Silas Chou Cao Qifeng and his business partner Lawrence Stroll acquired a 85% stake in Michael Kors through a two-person joint venture, Sportswear Holdings Ltd., in 2003, and is based in Michael Kors Ltd., Hong Kong. The purchase price is $ 100 million The In December 2011, Michael Kors Ltd. was listed on the New York Stock Exchange to raise $ 944 million, and the company surged to $ 100 in March 2014 at an offer price of $ 20, with less than 30 months , The stock turned 5 times, it is considered a luxury industry in the open market “miracle”.

Under Armor Inc., which was listed in 2005, has been flat in the open market, and its company’s performance is not bright after its listing, followed by the recession of the entire sporting goods industry. However, the 2011 brand sponsors Premier League Tottenham Hotspur team, the team headed star Bell in a season before the Champions League stadium in the Inter Milan blockbuster and become the world’s most famous star, followed by more in 2013 The summer of 101 million euros transfer to Real Madrid; 2013 brand also signed by Nike Nike “dislike” NBA star library, which became unanimously elected MVP and led the team to win the championship. Over the past five years, Under Armor Inc. Andrea’s share price has doubled and doubled.

Cao Qifeng is undoubtedly the true founder of Michael Kors “myth”, the root of Hong Kong’s fashion tycoon in the 90’s successful help Tommy Hilfiger successful listing, as this year sales of $ 4 billion brand, he knew that can not be among the mainstream luxury Market designers brand, the mass market is its real gold pool. Just like Tommy Hilfiger’s “Wal-Mart” brand, Michael Kors lowered the price from one of America’s top designer brands, positioning “light luxury” and affordable luxury brands, and the brand quickly captured the market.

Michael Kors’s success will be considered as the first element of Cao Qifeng believe no one objection, but you can not ignore some other X factors. Michael Kors as “Project Runway” review for the same name brand to bring great publicity effect; the US financial crisis swept the world, Europe, the United States and other mature markets quasi-rich, middle-class Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton, Gucci Gucci and other traditional luxury spending power decline.

Michael Kors Bag Collection 

2017 these are very fashionable, but you wear it is a disaster

NO.1 pockets

From the 2017 show field trend, next year, but also a popular pockets. Like this line in the waist, the liberation of his hands, money and money are easy to pay. But that is how the back can not avoid the conductor of the visual sense. Buy and then expensive no use The only way to save is to change the conventional back method, toward the back, or side back.

NO.2 giant package

Giant bag in fact since last year Balenciaga launched “snakeskin bag” since the fire up, 2017 will be more and more fire. The back will look very petite. But this is for a short sister is not a good thing, only shorter. Besides, do you really have the courage to carry such a bag on the street?

NO.3 thigh boots

From the 2017 spring and summer show field, knee boots apparently can not meet the designers, they are all clear to the models put on the thigh boots. But not all knee boots are legs long. Too long “thigh boots” is very short legs ~ so thigh boots we still look like, like a good wear or to buy this just had a knee.

NO.4 necklace mini bag

2017 will be popular from this can not tell is the necklace or package super mini bag.

NO.5 sailor hat

This “sailor hat” is also called “nurses cap”. It is really fashionable goods no doubt, but wearing a feeling at any time in the cosplay, can hold the people is very few ah, but if you want to wear to participate in any theme party or can … …

NO.6 metal silver jacket

Silver is the strongest inside the metallic color, after wearing very eye-catching. So only and black and white ash and so on to build the best look. And other colors together with almost no line.

So it is not suitable for your popular and do not buy blind, after all, did not wear how nice.