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Following the successful listing of Nile and michael kors tote bag, Chloé once again reviewed the important moment in the brand development process: the Drew handbags, playful knotted metal chains and T-rings in 2005, like the original bracelet design, Bracelet package of the first of its kind, after the variety of outstanding accessories style handbag design brings inspiration and inspiration. Since the last Paris Fashion Week, Nile and Pixie handbags or celebrities favor, or on the T stage shine. They are perfectly fit the brand image: the shape of light and elegant, the curve of natural beauty; a variety of materials stitching, soft leather and gold metal element selection; brand Logo Seiko engraved; outstanding style and excellent workmanship (plant leather technology and The application of gold rivets). Unique contours and bracelet details from the style, without deliberately stressed, excessive rendering.

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As the spring and summer series of 2017 star single product handbags, Nile a total of two styles to choose from: saddle-shaped and crescent-shaped. Smooth calfskin and suede exquisite stitching, the activities of the gold metal bracelet, making it varied style – both the handle naturally hanging in front of the package, the formation of eye-catching geometric focus; Carry or pull over the wrist, become a unique style of decorative embellishment.

Accessories inspiration and craftsmanship, reflected in the bracelet of the three-dimensional sculpture details and engraved with the brand Logo metal round chapter.

Curved lines, as well as decorated in the front of the handbag and the side of the rivet leather, you can think of the details of the design of the saddle, which is the brand has always been the source of inspiration, equestrian style in its fashion, accessories design penetration.

In 2017 spring and summer T station for the first time appearance, michael kors black bag since March this year, after listing, that has achieved great success. Small saddle-shaped and crescent-shaped is the best-selling two models. Nile handbags are available in three sizes (crescent-shaped handbags, trumpet and medium saddle-shaped handbags) and are rich in color combinations. The most popular colors include rice noodles, rice gray, caramel, black and white.

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Pixie handbags also have rivets with thin striped leather and gold metal handle, continued Nile bracelet style at the same time, but also show a new look. It is also the same material for the smooth calfskin and suede mixed stitch made of.

Perfect round design fun and no lack of fashion sense. Pixie handbags in early March this year, 2017/18 autumn and winter Paris Fashion Week debut, plans to shop in September. Pixie handbags are small and medium size and 10 kinds of color options, including dark green, saffron red, ocher red, pearl powder and mustard brown.

Over the past 15 years, Chloé handbags in the fashion industry has occupied a special status. Stand out in addition to the brand of exquisite handicrafts and innovative design, but also to express the brand’s strong personality and unique fashion attitude.

Since Chloé’s first handbag has been introduced in 2002, Chloé’s handbag, along with the brand’s clothing line, has become a stylized interpretation of the core values ​​of the brand: freedom, modernity, character and natural elegance, which are rooted in Chloé’s vision – Women, free and brave to do their own.

These handbags are in Chloé located in the center of Milan, the custom workshop, the whole hand-made to complete; there brought together moldmakers, tasters, tailors and other highly skilled craftsmen. These craftsmanship of the leather industry craftsmen, in the tradition of traditional leather handicrafts at the same time, with a delicate way and keen understanding, Chloé’s extraordinary design Smart presentation.

Unique arc profile, exclusive color and natural style of release, so Chloé handbags highly recognizable, without exaggerated Logo to distinguish them from other handbags.

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In 2005, Chloé launched the Paddington handbag with its highly recognizable large padlock design, let Chloé handbag became the focus of the time. The success of the handbag, but also gave birth to the “it bag” the birth of this popular language, then, Chloé and the successful launch of Marcie and Drew, Faye these super popular handbags, swept the world; create a classic, never stopped.

Classic style handbags, quarterly flavor on the basis of the original design and then continue to become a classic and completely independent of the new season a single product.

Day and night with the michael kors on sale, both shoulder, Messenger, you can also hold in the hand or pull in the wrist; Chloé handbag fully embodies the brand’s two core values: diverse modern style, free personality with.